photo Ali Kishiyama

Ali Kishiyama is the Artistic Dance Director of Defined Motion and feels she has truly arrived to her ultimate dream. Originally from Nebraska, Ali grew up dancing various styles from a young age and then worked extensively on the eastern side of the state as a musical theatre choreographer and dance instructor. 
Since her arrival in Lyons, CO in 2000, Ali has choreographed for various high school musicals and show choirs on the front range and she possesses a Bachelor of Arts degree in dance from the University of Colorado, Boulder. She enjoys spending time with her two children as well as reading and attending concerts. She is proud of the success Defined Motion has achieved over the past ten years and is excited to continue bringing joy, wellness and creativity to all ages through the art of dance.

photo Jasmine Lok

Jasmine Lok is a licensed Nia Second Degree Black Belt. Her passion is to move, dance through life and lift up community. Jasmine opened Defined Motion with her business partner, Ali, in October of 2009. It has been an adventure of trust, hard work, and following her dreams. Every day she is thankful for the life she has created. Jasmine was always active and grew up dancing ballet, playing tennis, and skiing. Later in life she added yoga, martial arts, and hiking but teaching movement of any sort was never a goal of hers until she found Nia in 2007. Nia has changed her life and still changes it daily. Jasmine's classes are energetic, spirited and welcoming and are designed for all levels.

In addition to her 7 earned Nia Belts, Jasmine has also undergone the following teacher trainings: Creative Movement for Kids, Nia Move I.T., Nia FreeDance, Nia Moving to Heal, Inner Personal Power Yoga, Taiji Fit, and Ageless Grace. She is a life long learner and consistantly strives to deepen, and enlighten her walk on this planet. "Eighty percent of success is showing up," she gently encourages YOU to show up!

photo Kim Rand

Kim Rand found and fell in love with Boulder County in 1990, moving from a small suburban town east of Boston, Massachusetts.  She found herself out west with the space to grow and room to continue to develop her goals in life.  In 1996, Kim graduated from the University of Colorado with a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Conservation. Her strong passion for the environment and love for the outdoors eventually landed her in the small mountain town of Nederland, Colorado, which she now calls home. Kim spends her free time outdoors in nature, hiking with friends and her dog, snowboarding, snow shoeing,  river running and fly-fishing.  She has truly found herself and her passion thru the practice of yoga and she continues to experience the spiritual journey yoga offers.  Her practice and teaching is influenced by Hatha Yoga, Baron Baptiste’s Vinyasa Flow, Jivamutki, Anusara, and most recently, Maya Yoga.

Kim’s passion brought her to Maui in April of 2009 to study “Maya Yoga” with inspirational teachers Nicki Doane and Eddie Modestini.  Her emphasis is on awareness, breath, alignment and the integrity of the asana allowing the space needed to move energy and create positive change in the body and mind.  She feels that the foundation of the pose is essential to a healthy and sustainable yoga practice and it’s through a safe and mindful practice that a student is able to heal their body and quiet their mind.  Kim brings the ancient teachings of yoga philosophy into the classroom cultivating ones connection to self and the wisdom within.  She encourages her students to take yoga off the matt and into their daily lives promoting healthy relationships in every aspect of life.

photo Betsy Winter

Betsy Winter is a licensed Nia Black Belt and Nia Moving To Heal Teacher who comes to Defined Motion with over a decade of Nia experience. Nia has been instrumental in shaping Betsy’s life. Nia is, and has always been, more than a great way to condition the body. Nia is an old friend that has been there for Betsy during her darkest days, most joyful moments and the spaces inbetween. Sharing the healing gifts of Nia is central to her life’s work as a Grief Guide, Heart Activist and Somatic Artist. Betsy’s personal mission is to empower people to find meaning and gain a deeper sense of wholeness within themself. Her down to earth personality, heart-centered approach and somatic artistry create a welcoming, fun and energizing environment for you to be YOU, move YOU, explore YOU, enjoy YOU and deepen your relationship with YOUR body, mind and soul. Learn more at

photo Wendy Olson

Wendy Olson began dancing at the age of three in Longmont, CO. Throughout her years of training she has studied jazz, modern, flamenco, ballet, pointe, lyrical and hip hop.  For two years Wendy served as captain of her high school dance team while continuing to train at various studios.  After spending two years as a dance major at CSU she moved to Denver to pursue a degree in Human Performance and Sport and spent time training in New York City and San Francisco.  Since 2005 she has danced with the True II Form hip hop dance company under the direction of Kevin O'Keefe.  Wendy's classes emphasize foundational hip hop dance styles including popping, locking and b-boying/b-girling, while incorporating elements from all other dance styles. 

photo Summer Templin Culp

Summer Templin Culp grew up in Telluride, Colorado, where she began dancing at the age of fourteen under the direction of Shirley Fortenberry and Valerie Madonia. Her family moved to Boulder, Colorado shortly afterwards where she continued to train with and be inspired by a wide-variety of teachers including Peter and Ana Claire Davison, Katie Elliot, Jillana, Michelle Ellsworth, Vernon Windsor, Gabe Masson, and Erika Randall. Summer received her BFA in Dance, with an emphasis in choreography from the University of Colorado. Summer has performed independently in works choreographed by Lindsay Pierce, Viki Psihoyos, David Lorence-Schefflers and Angie Yeowell. Summer has appeared in solo and group pieces in the American College Dance Festival and as a company member with Boulder Ballet, the Cabiri and Redd Legg Dance. Her choreography has been performed across the Denver Metro area and in the 2010 Beyond the Threshold: Seattle International Dance Festival.

Summer is passionate about bridging the gap between contemporary ballet and modern dance and helping the next generation of dancers cultivate their artistry through well-rounded, healthful and holistic training.


photo Erin Flegle

Erin has been dancing her entire life and loves the art of dance!  After high school musicals and many competitions, she accepted a scholarship to Oklahoma City University receiving a Bachelor of Performing Arts. She has toured nationally and internationally, as a dancer, instructor, and choreographer of Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Lyrical, Musical Theatre, and Tap. Erin trained, taught and worked with many talented dance companies, performing arts centers and schools, including The American Spirit Dance Company in Oklahoma City, the Gus Giordano’s Jazz Dance Company in Chicago, the Hoofers Club in Denver, and the Broadway Dance Center in New York City. 

Her teaching philosophy is a solid foundation of technique and training embraced by her students so they may continue to love the art of dance in many different genres. Erin continued her education at the City University of New York receiving a Bachelor of Psychology and continued on in San Francisco to receive her Master of Forensic Psychology.  All of this education and experience with many age groups is helpful when trying to connect with each and every student in a positive and encouraging manner.

Erin is also happily married and the mother of two beautiful children.  She is committed to being a child advocate and hopes to promote the love of arts.

photo Amber Murray

Amber started dancing at the age of 3. She has also been teaching dance for children and choreographing since age 16.  Amber was on scholarship at the University of Las Vegas for dance.  During her time there she performed in several musicals, danced and choreographed for the UNLV Dance Company, and studied with various artists from all over the country.  She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Northern Colorado, where she performed with the UNC performing arts team.  Amber then moved to New York to pursue her love of dance. Now she is back in Colorado running her own mobile spa business and Amber is looking forward to continuing her dancing and choreography with Mayama Dance Studio.

photo Jacob Gomez

Jacob Gomez began dancing in 2008 at the Longmont Youth Center. He was immediately drawn to breaking and received the opportunity early on to travel to New York City for a Hip-Hop conference. Upon returning, he joined the renowned crew GWT and performed on prestigious stages, including for the artist Eve. Today, he competes professionally on his own and with his current crew BreakEFX. Together, they have traveled to battles around the United States, earning accolades from some of the best in the scene and winning both Battle of the Elements and King of Hearts. He is dedicated to advancing his own craft as well as teaching, empowering, and inspiring the next generation of b-boys and b-girls.

photo Sophie Powell

Sophie Powell is a passionate individual that fell in love with dance from a young age. The dance community is something she holds very close to her heart and hopes teaching will be a fulfilling way to give back. She spends her time at CU Boulder studying Neuroscience and Dance. She joined the Defined Motion dance team at 12 years old and continued with them until graduation in 2018. She has served as a teacher’s aide and has worked with the Mayama family since she can remember grooving. Her deep connection to dance is about finding and exploring the joys of life through the lense of art. She dances in a hip hop crew at CU Boulder that focuses on choreography with emphasis on the history and roots of Hip Hop culture. Movement is a huge part of her life including climbing, yoga, and hiking. She is incredibly excited to share what she has learned and to give back to the Lyons community that shaped her not only as a dancer, but as a young adult. Her class will be an inclusive space to explore unique movements, express creativity and grow strong community and long lasting friendships.

photo Taino Postigo-Hassin

Taino Postigo-Hassin was born and raised in Lyons, Colorado. He started his dance classes at Mayama when he was 5 years old and has been dancing at Defined Motion for the past ten years in ballet, hip hop, break dancing, jazz, contemporary, modern and house.  When he was 9 years old he was the first male to try out and be invited on the Mayama Dance Team. Presently Taino dances 25-30 hours a week. He attends Denver School of The Arts, DSA and majors in Dance. He teaches break dancing at Block 1750 in Boulder where he also trains daily. He is part of the longstanding Denver breaking crew, BreakEFX. When he's not dancing you will find him on his snow board chasing his brother Ash down the snowy mountains of Colorado.

Taino is participating in a teaching apprenticeship at Defined Motion. He will be working directly with Summer Templin Culp and Ali Kishiyama on his curriculum, lesson plans, music and classroom management. We are so excited to see him grow in new directions here at Defined Motion.