Ballet & Tap, 2nd & 3rd Grade

Summer Templin Culp
Dance Classes (location map)
Wednesday, 4:45 PM - 5:45 PM
02/24/21 - 04/07/21 (6 weeks)


Recognized as the foundation form for studio dance, Ballet emphasizes technique, discipline, musicality and vocabulary.  Created in the royal courts of Europe, Ballet values precision, alignment, and discipline.  Our ballet classes will be conducted in a professional atmosphere by educated and trained instructors with teaching and performing experience.  Students will master the fundamentals of classical ballet that will enrich their artistry as well as build a strong base for additional dance forms.

Upcoming Meetings
03/10/21    4:45 PM Wednesday 03/10/21 4:45 PM
03/17/21    4:45 PM Wednesday 03/17/21 4:45 PM
03/24/21    <None> Wednesday (Spring Break) 03/24/21
(Spring Break)
03/31/21    4:45 PM Wednesday 03/31/21 4:45 PM
04/07/21    4:45 PM Wednesday 04/07/21 4:45 PM