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Everyone has or will receive their costume for the show. Some costumes may not come home until the final week of classes. Please do not let your child play in it, handle it, let their older sister try it on or leave it at grandma's house. Also, do not wash your costume. Costumes are not made to be washed, they will fade or get ruined. It is the only costume your child has!  

Things your child will need on both Friday night and Saturday afternoon 

  1. Their costume and shoes with every piece labeled with their name. Do not forget to put names in shoes. 
  2. A backpack with a water bottle, snacks, and a cover-up (bathrobe, over sized tee-shirt etc.) so that their costume doesn't get dirty when make-up is being touched up or they are eating and drinking.

Many students have multiple costume changes. All costumes, props, shoes etc. need to be laid out and organized. Make sure that you have all of your pieces and that everything is clearly labeled. We will have teachers in the dressing room to help with costume changes but it is the the responsibility of each student and parent to organize all costumes, shoes and accessories for the show.

It is not the responsibility of instructors, staff and your fellow dancers to panic and try to resolve lost or misplaced items.

Dress Rehearsal
Day of Recital
Make-up & Hair

Purchase Tickets Tickets are now ONLY available at the door: Adults $22, Kids $12