Make-up and Hair

Make-up and Hair 

Stage make-up is required!

Because the lights are so bright, all of the students will need some make-up. Below are two videos. One is titled for option 1 (full make-up & recommended for level 2 dancers and up) and option 2 (recommended for younger dancers and males). All performers are to choose the video they are most comfortable with and complete all of the steps. Dancers ages 3-5 are not required to wear eye make-up or foundation.  

Please arrive on both days with these steps completed. You will not want to use make-up that is old or the incorrect colors. Please stick to the neutrals and browns used in the videos. Please do not skip any of the steps! If you want your child’s beautiful face to show up on stage and in the video, the correct make up must be applied! 

Make-up video option 1

Make-up video option 2 

In an effort to streamline hairstyles for dances, all students are required to wear dutch braids. Both Creative Movement classes, Pre Ballet/Tap, Hip Hop 1 and Pre-Hip Hop/Breakin' students are excused from the dutch braids and can have their hair pulled back however they are most comfortable.

There are many videos available on youtube with dutch braids done on multiple hair lengths. The video below is one example of how to get the look for our dance performance. Please begin with hair wet and apply strong hold gel before starting. This will help the hairstyle to hold and reduse flyaways.  


Video on Dutch Braid
Worried about dutch braids? Schedule your dancer's hair for the show here.


Students need to arrive on both rehearsal and recital days in full costume with correct make-up and hair, no exceptions. 

Dress Rehearsal
Day of Recital
Make-up & Hair

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